Retro 70s Decor, 3D Wall Panels, Mid-Century Modern, 70s Vintage Look, Easy to Install Wall Art, Mid Century Home, SKU:RTR3DP

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Retro 70s Decor, 3D Wall Panels, Mid-Century Modern, 70s Vintage Look, Easy to Install Wall Art, Mid Century Home

The 3D Wall Panels finishes are a great way to turn the traditional walls into stunning walls.
These 3D wall panel effects provide a modern look with classic inspirations for the interior walls of any space. Its cozy and comfortable appearance makes it compatible with all styles of decoration, from the modern to the more traditional. The 3D decorative panels create a distinctive aesthetic result for each wall design turning them into prominent points in any space.

The 3D decorative panels are easy to install and have a sophisticated, inviting style and perfect patterns. This type of 3D wall coating can be painted in any color. Each 3D panel also offers a remarkable combination of European and contemporary high-tech craftsmanship, each 3D coating complements the rustic and / or modern décor.

<--------------------------------Materials & Characteristics-------------------------------->

Material: Lightweight, slightly flexible PVC substrate

PVC Color:
- White
- Black
- Grey
- Red
- Green
- Yellow

Dimension (total): 107.8 x 200 cm | 42.45 x 78.74 inches

Thickness: 5 mm / 0.19 inches

The main advantage of PVC Expanded is its ease in being painted, providing great results in the customization of its parts.
Very versatile, Expanded PVC is a lightweight and easy-to-handle material, easy to cut and easy to apply.


The panels are divided in various pieces. To assembly just align and join the pieces.

We ship the items Hook-and-loop fastener dots

You may also apply them with:

Fixation through nail glue, double-sided tape, silicone or stainless steel nail.

Possibility of being cut in place for placement of outlet mirrors, among others.

Cleaning recommendations: Do not clean with strong detergents.




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