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Strength and Growth Motivation , School , Office Business Quote

Apply this Strength and Growth Motivation , School , Office Business Quote 3D Office Wall Art in any flat surface (walls, windows, etc).
If you are looking for a piece of art in you office walls Make it Happen 3D Office Wall Art is the perfect choice.

The Strength and Growth Motivation , School , Office Business Quote can be used as decorative piece in various spaces and environments.
All employees, partners, visitors and potencial clients will be impressed with this new office decor wall art feature.

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Vinyl (You may choose the color)
White, Black or Grey PVC
It is a very lightweight so they can be hung up with double-sided adhesive tape or other kinds of glue like liquid nail for a definitive solution.

125 x 55 cm | 49.2 x 21.7 inches (width x height)

0.19 inches | 5 mm
0.39 inches | 10 mm

Our self-adhesive vinyl adhesives adhere to a wide variety of surfaces such as smooth walls, glass, mirrors, doors, sheets, laminated wood...
For better adhesion and duration of your product you must take into account the following points:

- Surface completely free of grease and dust (regardless of appearance, always clean);
- After the last painting of the wall/surface, wait 2 to 3 weeks to apply the vinyl;
- Completely smooth surface (swipe to feel if there is no texture);
- Silicone-free surface or oil-based paint;
- There should be no latex-based paint on the surface.

- This is CNC cut and made to order.
- A perfect addition to any indoor Office decor!
- Without any sanding treatment, plugged pores or painting.
- You may easily paint them.
- The PVC letters don’t have any hanging attachments or hook holes in the back.

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* All products sold by Homeartstickers are NOT for exterior use*

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