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Room Separator, Divider, Wall Hanging, Curtain, Panel Screen, Modern Home Decoration

These 3D wall panels are lightweight and work together through an automatic pattern repeat to create large-scale dimensional walls of any size and shape.

It´s great for rental spaces and for those that don't have the time to do a permanent installation.
Assembly is a child’s play: the elements are linked together with hooks, so the structures can be dismantled and reconfigured in the wink of an eye.

This delicate yet enduring motif has an irresistible presence and fits particularly well in streamlined settings.
Installation couldn’t be easier: the elements are connected using hooks to create any size partition.

Multifunctional: 15 decorative panel screens can be freely combined.
DIY to make it whatever shapes and length based on your preference.
Very easy and creative. Perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dining room, office.

Easy to Install: Hanging one by one to assemble and install through hooks and screws.

Simple Elegance: Simple and fashion carving pattern, black is always so classic and fashion. It will make your room more beautiful and elegant. Also, protect your individual privacy.

Easily transform a boring wall into eye-catching wall art
Lightweight and Paintable
Easy to DIY
It makes it easy for everyone to now has stunning dimensional walls.

Multi-Usage: Not only a living room divider but also perfect for separating & dividing rooms, decorating living room, bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, etc. Also, it protects your individual privacy

Hangs from ceiling to define an area
Connect multiple rows to create a wall
Can be arranged as wall art or a window treatment (not Peel & stick)
Comes with panel connectors to hook together

Each kit contains 15 panels, 6 hanging rings & 40 connector rings for customized configuration.
Multiple kits can be combined to expand to fit your wall.

Panel Dimensions:
Each panel is 11.81 x 11.81 inches | 30 cm x 30 cm each and are 0.19 inches | 5 mm deep

It's waterproof and washable. You may easily paint them.

Easy to install in just minutes

White PVC, Black PVC, and Grey PVC

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